Resource: Understanding Homosexuality




Post Written by Mrs. Igniscient

The Ambassador’s Guide to Understanding Homosexuality, by Alan Shlemon

This is a great little book; it is concise and manageable and something I think everyone should get their hands on. It took me about an hour to read the entire book; it’s only 60 pages long but is full of great information.

Part one, the introduction, deals with defining terms used in the book, and removes some of the “spin” both culture and Christians place on the issue.

Part Two deals with what the Bible teaches, what is at the heart of same sex attraction and gender identity, and deals with what scientific study has actually found on the issue.

Part Three is advice on how a Christian should respond to the issue.

Whether we like it or not this is a pervasive issue in our culture. We need to be able to respond with TRUTH AND COMPASSION. It seems that too often one is chosen over the other, both of those responses fail to communicate the truth about God to others. The truth is that God loves all of us, and he has a standard for our lives that is what is best for us, not what makes us happiest at the moment, not what guarantees us no pain, not what is easy, but what is ultimately best for us. This book is excellent for giving the information and strategy we all need.


Resourse – What is your Worldview



Post written by Mrs. Igniscient

Book: What is your Worldview
Author:James N Anderson
Description: A sort of choose your own adventure. Answer the questions, follow the instructions to the next page, and find out what your worldview really is. 

How I heard about it: Mr. Igniscient brought it to my attention.

Thoughts: This is a really fun little book. I was not surprised that I do hold the Christian worldview, but I think there are many that may find their beliefs do not line up with classical Christianity. If you disagree with what world view you end up with the book gives you some suggested questions to revisit. It is also nice to read through the brief overviews of other worldviews but important to understand that just because someone says they have a certain worldview does not mean they even know what that worldview professes. It took me about an hour to run through the whole thing.

Resource Recommendation – Roots of Christian Civilization – YouTube


Written by Mrs. Igniscient

Roots of Christian Civilization – YouTube.

It doesn’t take long for anyone who knows us to see my husband is the Science and Math part of this relationship and I am the Literature and History half. He is the nerd and I am the geek, and if you don’t know the difference, nerd is all intellect and geek is all Star Wars/Super Heroes/Doctor Who (I just started with that show but it was inevitable). William Lane Craig usually appeals to “the nerd” and I never really knew much about him other than that he dealt with a lot science stuff.

This YouTube playlist was my introduction to Dr. Craig and it is an excellent look into the culture and lives of the first Christians. I love world history and especially Christian History, and this is an excellent look into the world of the early Christians.

Resource – 100 Bible Verses Everyone should Know by Heart


100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know

Written by Mrs. Ignicient

It’s amazing how far behind you can get when coping with something that has thrown life off. The kids have been taking turns being sick and have been very good about sharing germs with each other, and our toddler who is generally moody and dramatic to begin with has turned into a banshee. Finally last night we realized that she is coping with molars that are coming through. It is amazing how knowing what the cause of the crankiness is makes it easier to cope with the cranky child.

Of course instead of using down times to catch up on reading or life in general I end up staring mindlessly at a screen, usually a computer screen, usually youtube. I am a little dumbfounded how far behind I am on my reading goals, but I am back in action and have a plan to get caught up. I am currently 4 books behind, but have caught up on my bible reading. I am hoping that next week I will have an apologetics book for you again.

Book: 100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know by Heart
Author: Robert J. Morgan
Description: Part one of the book is a case for why scripture memory is so important, and part two goes through each verse and explains it’s importance to the Christian faith/life
How I heard about it: I found it at Goodwill, we buy most of our books at thrift stores, if we buy them at all, our city library is the first place I check for resources. 

Thoughts: I have not finished reading it through yet, and while I didn’t need to be convinced I should memorize scripture, the stories really touched my heart and lit a fire under my butt. The verses are strategically chosen and ordered. They are meant to give the Christian what they need if they suddenly can’t read the bible for themselves. This is not just a risk for those in places that are dangerous for Christians, there have been times when I have been too ill to read, the sheer effort of trying to make sense of words on a page has been more than I can bear, and I have wished I had more scripture written on my heart at those times.

Major points that I took away: There are so many great little stories and anecdotes in this book, the best so far has been that in the Jewish culture in bible times meditate had connotations of muttering to oneself. Take God’s word and mutter it to yourself.  Meditation in the Christian life is not emptying your mind but filling your mind with God. The case for scripture memorization is strong, and the book’s website even has printable cards to help you get started.

Any good book should make you want to read another: Then Sings My Soul by Robert J. Morgan – stories of the hymns. Hymns have also been a huge comfort to me in times of illness and I love testimonies so this series seems like it is right up my alley. 


Resource – Jesus Storybook Bible


The Jesus Storybook Bible

Written by Mrs. Igniscient

I am going to endeavor to recommend a parenting or children’s resource at the end of every month. This bible story book is great. It’s main premises is that every story in the bible “whispers” Jesus name. The illustrations are engaging and age appropriate, no illustrations of a beheaded John the Baptist like I had in my children’s bible growing up. Our girls love it and I am intrigued by the accompanying resources (videos, cd’s and a church curriculum).

Resource Recommendation: Reinventing Jesus


Reinventing Jesus eBook: J. Ed Komoszewski: Kindle Store.

Book: Reinventing Jesus
Author: J. Ed Komoszewski, M James Sawyer, Daniel B. Wallace
Description: Answers to contemporary scepticism on the real Jesus

How I heard about it: I was looking for more by Daniel B. Wallace and our city library only carries two of the books that he has written or contributed to.

Thoughts: This book was hard to put down. It is a scholarly treatment of the issues, but still easy to understand. The writers are honest about what they can and cannot deal with within the scope of the book. It is well organized and the topics are broken up into easily digestible parts.
Major points that I took away:

1. A bit more in depth look at textual criticism and what it is. This is the largest section of the book and my interest in this area has really been sparked. I believe it is important for Christians to know how we got the bible we have and how the different translations have been made so that we know we can trust what the bible says.

2. Christianity and Pagan religion: the book takes a look at myths that are similar to the narrative of Jesus. It is an honest look at what those stories really say and how they can change over time. It is helpful for knowing what is just a shallow similarity and what is a parallel.

3. A brief discussion for the trustworthiness of the deity of Christ and how the early church treated Christ’s divinity.

Any good book should make you want to read another: I have added  Putting Jesus in His Place by Robert M. Bowman to my ever growing list of books to read.