Resource: Understanding Homosexuality




Post Written by Mrs. Igniscient

The Ambassador’s Guide to Understanding Homosexuality, by Alan Shlemon

This is a great little book; it is concise and manageable and something I think everyone should get their hands on. It took me about an hour to read the entire book; it’s only 60 pages long but is full of great information.

Part one, the introduction, deals with defining terms used in the book, and removes some of the “spin” both culture and Christians place on the issue.

Part Two deals with what the Bible teaches, what is at the heart of same sex attraction and gender identity, and deals with what scientific study has actually found on the issue.

Part Three is advice on how a Christian should respond to the issue.

Whether we like it or not this is a pervasive issue in our culture. We need to be able to respond with TRUTH AND COMPASSION. It seems that too often one is chosen over the other, both of those responses fail to communicate the truth about God to others. The truth is that God loves all of us, and he has a standard for our lives that is what is best for us, not what makes us happiest at the moment, not what guarantees us no pain, not what is easy, but what is ultimately best for us. This book is excellent for giving the information and strategy we all need.


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