Resourse – What is your Worldview



Post written by Mrs. Igniscient

Book: What is your Worldview
Author:James N Anderson
Description: A sort of choose your own adventure. Answer the questions, follow the instructions to the next page, and find out what your worldview really is. 

How I heard about it: Mr. Igniscient brought it to my attention.

Thoughts: This is a really fun little book. I was not surprised that I do hold the Christian worldview, but I think there are many that may find their beliefs do not line up with classical Christianity. If you disagree with what world view you end up with the book gives you some suggested questions to revisit. It is also nice to read through the brief overviews of other worldviews but important to understand that just because someone says they have a certain worldview does not mean they even know what that worldview professes. It took me about an hour to run through the whole thing.


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