Resource – 100 Bible Verses Everyone should Know by Heart


100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know

Written by Mrs. Ignicient

It’s amazing how far behind you can get when coping with something that has thrown life off. The kids have been taking turns being sick and have been very good about sharing germs with each other, and our toddler who is generally moody and dramatic to begin with has turned into a banshee. Finally last night we realized that she is coping with molars that are coming through. It is amazing how knowing what the cause of the crankiness is makes it easier to cope with the cranky child.

Of course instead of using down times to catch up on reading or life in general I end up staring mindlessly at a screen, usually a computer screen, usually youtube. I am a little dumbfounded how far behind I am on my reading goals, but I am back in action and have a plan to get caught up. I am currently 4 books behind, but have caught up on my bible reading. I am hoping that next week I will have an apologetics book for you again.

Book: 100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know by Heart
Author: Robert J. Morgan
Description: Part one of the book is a case for why scripture memory is so important, and part two goes through each verse and explains it’s importance to the Christian faith/life
How I heard about it: I found it at Goodwill, we buy most of our books at thrift stores, if we buy them at all, our city library is the first place I check for resources. 

Thoughts: I have not finished reading it through yet, and while I didn’t need to be convinced I should memorize scripture, the stories really touched my heart and lit a fire under my butt. The verses are strategically chosen and ordered. They are meant to give the Christian what they need if they suddenly can’t read the bible for themselves. This is not just a risk for those in places that are dangerous for Christians, there have been times when I have been too ill to read, the sheer effort of trying to make sense of words on a page has been more than I can bear, and I have wished I had more scripture written on my heart at those times.

Major points that I took away: There are so many great little stories and anecdotes in this book, the best so far has been that in the Jewish culture in bible times meditate had connotations of muttering to oneself. Take God’s word and mutter it to yourself.  Meditation in the Christian life is not emptying your mind but filling your mind with God. The case for scripture memorization is strong, and the book’s website even has printable cards to help you get started.

Any good book should make you want to read another: Then Sings My Soul by Robert J. Morgan – stories of the hymns. Hymns have also been a huge comfort to me in times of illness and I love testimonies so this series seems like it is right up my alley. 



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