Random Apologetics – Implications of Evolution


I’m going to take a break from the evidence for the existence of God series I’m working on & shift gears for today.  Mrs. Igniscient found this list of 65 apologetics questions every Christian parent needs to learn to answer.  I am a Christian parent; therefore, if my logic is correct, the author of the list is suggesting that I need to learn to answer all 65 of these.  I didn’t read through the whole list, but it looks like fun, so I’m going to start picking questions off the list.

Since the questions are arranged by subject, I think this will be more interesting if I choose the question randomly, so I’m going to do this scientifically – by rolling an 8-sided & 10 sided dice… or die?  No, I don’t think dying will help.


#56: What are the theological implications for an acceptance of evolution?

Hmm… I’m starting to think the scientific approach may be flawed…

Ok, so I guess I’ll start with a brief definition of evolution.  I assume the topic is specifically biological evolution, as the word can be used in relation to a variety of issues in science & just about anything else that changes (that’s a lot of stuff).  So as I understand it, biological evolution is the theory that over vast amounts of time, species have changed into new species through purely natural causes; and thus that all modern life can be traced back to one (or several) original lifeforms.

So, what are the theological implications of this?  Most notably, this would eliminate a literalistic interpretation of Gen. 1-3.   I’m actually pretty comfortable with this, as I already don’t think the purpose of Gen. 1-11 is to accurately record ancient history.  For me there is no serious theological issue with evolution.  This doesn’t mean I accept the theory; I do not feel that I understand the theory or its proposed mechanisms well enough to judge the scientific merit of the theory; but I remain doubtful.  In any case, whatever way God did create plant, animal, & human life on Earth is ok with me.

I’m sure I raised more questions than I answered, but I’m satisfied with that.  I’ll deal with those questions another time.


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